Companionship care changes lives

Our first priority is always to ensure that your loved ones receive the care and companionship that they need – and while we are proud of our results, we are even more pleased by the positive comments from our clients and their families.

During the past year, I have enjoyed the companionship of three caregivers referred by Age at Home Care. They are experienced, well-trained, on time, ready to give me their full attention, and engage in healthy, stimulating activities, including lots of outings. I encourage anyone looking for qualified and lively companionship to turn to Age at Home Care for referrals.

Terry L., Client

"My parents live in a senior facility, one in the independent section and one in nursing. But even with it being in a large property with lots of residents and employees, their ability to communicate and get around started sliding and their quality of life with it. The facility provides for their basic needs, but they are still struggling and lonely, and we could not be there every day to make up for what was missing.

Then we heard about Davis Allen and Age at Home Care. It didn’t take long to realize the he was the answer to our parent’s needs. My father now has a friend, one that is helping him to remain independent longer than would otherwise be the case. They visit my mother down the hall and her health and mental status has also improved as a result of this added care. The staff and the facility tell us what a wonderful decision we made. Davis and his team are true caregivers."

Russ L., son

"During the weeks of care, Davis exhibited superior skills in his attentiveness to detail, his concern for health, social, and emotional issues, and his ability to provide variety and diversity to my uncle’s daily schedule

Davis was consistent, supportive, and concerned about issues of my uncle’s environment, medical regimen, attitude/behaviors, and diet. He was an excellent communicator in terms of changes, suggestions, and recommendations for options to the regimen.

He was both conversational with my uncle and equally skilled as a listener and companion. He was creative in finding sites to visit, subjects to discuss, and references to times that were memorable for my uncle.

His ability to engage, and to elicit engagement from my uncle, were positive qualities that made his care giving - his visits to my uncle’s home, his ’outings’ with my uncle to meet friends, or visit museums or parks - an important and significant addition to my uncle’s daily schedule.

My family and I are pleased to have had Davis Allen as a team member in the care of my uncle and believe you, too, will find his services extraordinary. Our best wishes to you as you plan for a family member in need of care giving assistance."

Jerrie U., Niece, Guardian

"My father and our family were much better off aided by the Age at Home Care companions. We have enjoyed two of their gentlemen caregivers, and both of them were pros with superb qualifications, compassion, patience and creativity."

Lisa, Daughter, Guardian

For several months Age at Home Care has provided companions for me around the clock, seven days a week. I have been pleased with the continuity of good people who have helped keep me independent in my apartment. They have been professional about the care I receive as well as pleasant company. I was accustomed to living alone, and I thought that they would “cramp my style”, but they have enhanced my life. I look forward to each day. I recommend Age at Home Care’s caregivers to anyone who wants to remain in their familiar surroundings.

Carol H.

Several Age at Home Care companion-caregivers have given quality attention to the residents at the nursing facility where I have worked for more than a year. Day after day, they maintain a lively and caring interaction that lifts the spirits and health of their clients. Further, they work well with our medical staff and aides. I wouldn’t hesitate to refer families to Age at Home Care.

D.B., Licensed Practical Nurse

“I was accustomed to living alone, but they have enhanced my life.” Carol H.