Empowering your loved ones to be themselves

We extend the enrichment of aging by enabling your loved one to continue living at home with independence, dignity, companionship and quality care.

Finding the right caregiver is more than a matter of credentials – it’s a matter of companionship.

Whereas many view companionship as a category of care, we believe that companionship is care. As such, we strive to ensure that every service we provide is rooted in empowering loved ones to be themselves, whether through helping with daily chores or meaningful discussion.

Consumer-Directed Care

Age at Home Care is a member of the Private Care Association (PCA). Since 1977, the PCA is the only national voice for caregiver registries like Age at Home Care.

Consumer-directed care is a philosophical orientation that emphasizes the rights of the elderly and people with disabilities to assess their own needs and make choices about what services would best meet those needs.

The principle advantages of consumer-directed care are:

  • Costs less
  • Allows consumers to individually select caregivers
  • Provides greater continuity in caregiver relationships
  • More generously compensates the caregiver
  • Supports caregiver entrepreneurship

“My father now has a friend, one that is helping him to remain independent longer than would otherwise be the case.” Russ L., son