A Passion for Personalized Care

Age at Home Care is a registry of independent care providers that connects those in need with highly trained, credentialed companion-caregivers. We extend the time that your loved ones live in their home with independence, dignity and quality care.

We understand that quality care in the comfort of the home can make all the difference for you and your loved one. That's one of the many reasons why we work to connect you with companion-caregivers who are not only insured and certified, but whose personality and interests align with your loved one for a personalized, holistic home care experience.

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Our approach is simple

We find the right companion-caregiver for you.
We personally screen each caregiver candidate to verify they are capable, considerate and compatible. We've accepted only 5% of all applicants to date. When we refer the candidate for you, you make the choice of who to hire, what their job entails, and all other terms.

We keep the costs down.
We don't charge the families a fee for finding good caregivers; the caregivers pay that out of their earnings - and because they are independent, they make more for their hard work than they would with an agency.

Your caregivers work for you - not for us.
All the companion-caregivers we refer are certified independent contractors, meaning they are not our employees. They work directly for you, with no middlemen or overhead costs. This registry model allows you to pay less for personalized care.

We're there when you need us. he caregivers are available 24/7 on weekends and weekdays, and offer part-time to full-time services. They even provide fill-in and respite care for family caregivers.

  • Companion-caregivers also work well with those experiencing memory loss or dementia.

Contact us today to determine how we can help refer companion-caregivers for your needs. Call or email to meet candidates for your consideration.

West Central County: 314-968-8500
South County: 314-492-2969
North County: 314-925-0123